OFA Marin Climate News and Events

OFA Marin Climate News and Events (June 1, 2018)

Dear Friends:  Some devastating, a few uplifting climate stories: Trump’s abandonment of Paris climate deal to cost U.S. economy trillions, coastal erosion devouring Senegal fishing hub, markets under pricing climate risks, experts on fire season 2018 alarmed; intense heat wave in Karachi and flooding in India linked to climate change. Yet Marin gets resources for projects combating sea level rise, green rooftops are taking hold, families sue EU over climate change and Duke and Duchess of Sussex leave Windsor castle in an all electric Jaguar Roadster!  Belle and team



OFA Marin Climate News and Events (May 7, 2018)

Dear Friends:

The Scott Pruitt hearing not only exposed ethics violations but raised questions on his dismantling of the EPA, including angry ones about the Clean Power Plan and scientific method.  Of immediate serious concern is the legal clash between the federal government and California challenging the state’s authority to set its own, stricter, air pollution rules.  Read on for more good news on comparable costs of renewable vs. fossil fuels, huge wind mills and Oman rocks.  We add an important article featuring Christiana Figueres, who will be principal speaker at Lead on Climate event in Marin, September 15, after the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco.  Belle and Climate Team