Dear Friends:  Lead on Climate is ready for you to mark your calendars for our exciting event on September 15, 2018, the day following the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco which is scheduled for September 12-14.  

Hold the Date:  Saturday, September 15, 7:00 p.m.: Getting to Paris Without Stopping in Washington.

Christiana Figueres, architect of the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement, in conversation with UC Berkeley Professor Daniel Kammen of the Nobel-Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Joined by local and international leaders focused on how citizens and communities can come together to achieve global climate goals.  College of Marin, Kentfield.  Marin Climate Action Showcase at 5:30 p.m., sampling local food, drink and activism.

An Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit and Drawdown Marin

Ticket sales start July 3: www.leadonclimate.org

Climate articles

Report: Marin rated most vulnerable to coastal flooding

Amid accelerating sea level rise from climate change, Marin County has the highest number of households in California vulnerable to coastal flooding, according to a report released Monday.


May 2018 Broke Thousands of Temperature Records Across the US


Some rare good climate news: the fossil fuel industry is weaker than ever


New report examines coal’s future outlook, and it isn’t pretty

New Bloomberg forecast sees 17-fold rise in solar by 2050, and an $8.4 trillion investment in renewables.


The era of fossil fuel dominance in power generation “is coming to an end,” concludes Bloomberg NEF in its new forecast: “Cheap renewable energy and batteries fundamentally remake electricity systems around the world.”


Six of the G7 commit to climate action. Trump wouldn’t even join conversation

Trump skipped the G7’s formal discussions on the global warming crisis.  And in the summit’s communique, the United States refused to join in common statements by the other six nations reaffirming their commitment to the Paris climate agreement, which he wants to abandon.  Instead, the U.S. unilaterally promoted fossil fuels.  And in the end, Trump renounced the whole communique in a Twitter tirade.


New Video: Hansen’s Global Warming Prediction at 30.  How did He Do?

by greenman3610

June 23, 1988.  Easy to remember, because it’s my birthday.  And the day I thought that, at last, humans were serious about the 800 pound gorilla of environmental issues.  Senior NASA scientist James Hansen, whose work I had been following for some time, came before the Senate, on a brutally hot summer day – and […]

Home buyers are starting to incorporate climate risk into the price of property in areas facing warming-driven extreme weather disasters, new research finds. And that’s bad news for the trillion-dollar coastal property bubble.


We just got a clear sign the trillion-dollar coastal property bubble could burst any time

Climate change hits U.S. property values, new analysis finds


Home buyers are starting to incorporate climate risk into the price of property in areas facing warming-driven extreme weather disasters, new research finds.  And that’s bad news for the trillion-dollar coastal property bubble.

Coral oases that resist climate change offer ‘glimmer of hope’ for dying reefs

Understanding how some pockets of reef avoid destruction may help save others, but scientists warn there is no room for complacency


Bloomberg Philanthropies Now Accepting Applications for the American Cities Climate Challenge

Mike Bloomberg: Washington’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement last year prompted new action in cities across the US.  Today, as @UN Special Envoy for Climate Action, I’m launching a new $70M effort to expedite our progress—the American Cities Climate Challenge

Subject: Re: driving-electric-cars-is-so-cheap-even-the-trump-administration-cant-ignore-it

In which other situations do you get more when paying less?

Electric cars:

– offer a far better driving experience

– Are emission free

– are quiet and vibration free

– are more convenient because drivers don’t have to go to the gas station

– require far less maintenance which saves time, money, and hassle



A Renewable Future for Abita Springs

Despite the Trump administration’s push for fossil fuels, the Republican mayor of the tiny town of Abita Springs, Louisiana, decided it was time to move his town towards renewable energy.


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