Climate Change

Climate Change

OFA Climate team “activists” are fighting Trump’s horrifying climate and environmental agenda while at the same time supporting clean energy initiatives at the state and local level, reaching out to local partners. They choose their targets based on what is feasible and where they can make a difference.

The challenge is daunting. Trump is pledging to dig up even more fossil fuels. He “cancelled” the United States’ participation in the Paris climate agreement. He wants to scrap NASA’ climate research program. He’s trying to undo President Obama’s Clean Power Plan while favoring big oil and gas interests. He has signed an Executive Order to gut the EPA and stifle science. Here is how the team fights back.

Inform and raise awareness
OFA Marin Climate News and Events (2-3 times a month)

EPA and science
EPA and other Federal govt. budget cuts
Stopping assault on scientists, science, research
Clean Power Plan, vehicle emissions standards

Withdrawal US from Paris agreement

California‘s climate plans to move ahead
Renewal of Cap and Trade legislation

Help local organizing
Develop climate materials for phone banks, town halls questions in collaboration with planners and trainers

Initiate and support Local initiatives and events
Deep Green-100 % Renewable Electricity for Marin municipalities
Resilient Neighborhoods
Presentation to Seniors for Peace, Redwoods, on budget cuts and consequences.
Bay Wave Study, Sea Level Rise in Marin

The context for us in California is explained this way:

As President Trump moves to reverse the Obama administration’s policies on climate change, California is emerging as the nation’s de facto negotiator with the world on the environment. The state is pushing back on everything from White House efforts to roll back pollution rules on tailpipes and smokestacks, to plans to withdraw or weaken the United States’ commitments under the Paris climate change accord. In the process, California is not only fighting to protect its legacy of sweeping environmental protection, but also holding itself out as a model to other states — and to nations — on how to fight climate change.

California has stood as the leading edge of the resistance to the Trump administration, on a range of issues including immigration and health care… But of all the battles it is waging with Washington, none have the global implications of the one over climate change.