Threat to Healthcare

Celebrating the defeat of Graham Cassady

Fighting Republican Efforts To “Repeal And Replace” and Sabotage

A coalition of over 150 progressive organizations, including OFA, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Indivisible, Our Revolution, and Democracy Action was formed to defend the Affordable Care Act.

Our team was part of the extremely successful campaign that used phonebanks to contact progressives in red states or districts. We encouraged them to call, write, post on social media and attend town hall meetings with their Republican members of Congress. We started phone banking before the inauguration, and held numerous phonebanks to fight each version of many bills what from when it was proposed until it failed. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Our next project in the area of healthcare encouraging enrollments and reenrollments this year. We knew the more people who enrolled in ACA, the more difficult it would be to repeal it. That has been crucial in sparking protests against its repeal. Now we have to make up for the fact that this administration is making it as difficult as possible to enroll. We will continue the leadership we provided during the first enrollment period, and again the year that the tax penalty went into effect, to enroll our community.